Facial Skin Care

Our skincare specialists at HBI provide quality facial services that are tailored to your specific skin needs. We offer a complimentary skin consultation to determine the best treatment for you to ensure you receive the most effective and personalized care. From luxurious anti-aging treatment to dermaplaning, we use the best available techniques and products to leave you looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Facial Treatments

Skin Consultation

Classic Facial
Starting at $95

Acne Tune Up
Starting at $70

Intraceuticals Anti-Aging Facial
Starting at $165

Oxygenation Facial
Starting at $165

Enzyme Facial
Starting at $115

Back Facial
Starting at $110

Starting at $175

HydraFacial – Anti-Aging
Starting at $230

HydraFacial – Back Treatment
Starting at $250

Lip/Eye Perk – HydraFacialClassic Facial

Custom Serum – HydraFacial


Lymphatic Drainage

Facial Treatment Add On

Corrective Skin Treatments

Starting at $70

Face Nano Treatment
Starting at $175

Chemical Peel
Starting at $125

Microneedling Face
Starting at $250

Microneedling Face Bone Marrow + Nano
Starting at $350

Microneedling Face Bone Marrow
Starting at $300

Dermaplaning Add On

Lip / Eye Nano Treatment

Bone Marrow Serum

Facial Waxing / Enhancements

Eyebrow Wax Design
Starting at $25

Lip Wax
Starting at $12

Chin Wax
Starting at $15

Nose Wax
Starting at $15

Sides Wax
Starting at $15

Face Wax
Starting at $45

Ears Wax
Starting at $15